Elizabeth June (born June Elizabeth Sewer, yes, as in the waste conduit) is a Gemini who travels seamlessly between comedic and dramatic improvisational worlds reveling in the legitimized schizophrenic realm of theatre. Okay, enough with the ethereal. Now on to the nitty gritty. June is from the Bronx, the Boogie Down, and has lived in New York for most of her life. However, she can also relate to “Smalltown, USA” having attended high school and college in Keene, TX which had a population of 3,000 and a black population of about 3.


June is a SAG, AFTRA and AEA actor with a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Actors Studio Drama School. June has sung solos in church since she was 7 years old and was directing choirs since the third grade and played English Handbells with her 8th grade class in England, Scotland and Wales. She has also toured and recorded with the Glory Gospel Singers in Germany, France and Luxembourg and with the Sonlight Singers in Israel.


June dedicates her career to the memory of her brother, Ed Sewer III, who performed in the cult classic "The Warriors".

As a writer, June has been published in the New York Daily News, C.L.A.S.S. magazine and various collegiate publications. As a teacher, June has worked in schools, correctional facilities, and in homeless / domestic violence shelters. Her work has empowered participants through interactive educational dramas on HIV/AIDS and violence prevention and housing readiness. June’s survival gig is that of a certified Yoga instructor with certifications in Group Fitness and Mat Level I Pilates and her hobbies include bike riding, bowling, Caribbean and Hip Hop dancing, reading psychology books, watching documentaries, and engaging in foolishness on Facebook.

June currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Jason S. Williams, where they manage their production company, SilverLox Films.

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